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VMware vSAN Troubleshooting Commands

vSAN achieves high availability and performance through distribution of data across multiple hosts in the vSAN cluster. Data is transmitted over the vSAN network. There are cases where a large amount of data must be copied over the vSAN network. During the Resync operation there are chances that the VMs on the vSAN cluster might … Continue reading VMware vSAN Troubleshooting Commands

Preparing for VMware Cloud on AWS

The process of deploying VMware SDDC in AWS is quite simple and should be complete within a matter of minutes, however one needs to be prepared for the deployment. Following blog will cover the most basic set of pre-requisites which are required before starting with the deployment on VMware SDDC. VMware provides an easy and … Continue reading Preparing for VMware Cloud on AWS

What is VMware Cloud on AWS?

VMware cloud on AWS in an enterprise-class Software defined datacenter software deployed on AWS infrastructure with optimized access to AWS services. It is powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Cloud on AWS integrates VMware’s compute (ESXi), Storage (vSAN) and Network (NSX-T) virtualization products along with VMware vCenter Management and is optimized to run on dedicated, … Continue reading What is VMware Cloud on AWS?

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